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How To Teach A Cat Not To Bite - Part 2

Tip 5

Now that your cat finally understands your rules it is time to reinforce good behavior. When ever you notice that your cat is passing up there normal biting opportunity moments give her a treat. But remember to not give your cat a treat after she has attempted to bite but recoiled, as this will result in you cat thinking that this is a bite for a treat game.

Tip 6
Test your cat and see if it is still tempted to bite you. Here how you do it: give your cat an opportunity to bite you and if she goes for it use your secret weapon and if she does not bite you give her a treat.
Tip 7
Your cat will show that she understands you by doing everything except biting you. Instead of biting you your cat will start to substitute her biting with licking or use of paws or just softly biting you. If you cat nibbles to long remove her but don't use your secret weapon
Tips 8
If your cat is being really aggressive you can grab her by the scruff of the neck and supporting her weight with your other hand to avoid hurting her, put her at arms length away from your body. Do this until your cat does not display any more aggressive behavior and ignore her until she starts meowing. Then call her over and give her some positive attention but not treats. So now that you know how to teach a cat not to bite your all set.

Need more detailed steps

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