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How To Teach A Cat Not To Bite - Part 1

Cats bite, that's the normal thing all animals do, but when they draw flesh then it's a real problem for you and your family. So you came here to learn how to teach a cat not to bite anymore. Well there's some good news and bad news: the good news is that you will learn how to finally stop cat biting, and the bad news is there will be some work needed. Don't worry its really easy.

How to teach a cat not to bite
Step 1
You must first understand you cats biting triggers and concentrate on how to correct them. Most casts bite to show that they do not like something that's going on. You can be petting it wrong or your cat just wants to show dominance. Step one is to learn why and how your cats bite.
Step 2
Now that you know when your cat is getting ready to attack you it is time to pull out your secret weapon. Use a water spray bottle and yes a water spray bottle. What this does is surprise your cat and lets her know that her behavior will not be tolerated
Step 3
Now that you have your secret weapon you must spray the cat right after or right before your cat attacks. If your cat retreats then you weapon is successful and your just steps away from learning how to teach your cat not to bite. If your cat tries to attack again spray until cat retreats and if it doesn't try another deterrent.
Tip 4
Once you find something that works, your cat will began to understand that you have rules now. Do not stop using your secret weapon after a while because your cat will just start doing the same thing again. Add a phrase like "NO" or what ever you want to use and use a firm tone.
Tip 5
Now that your cat finally understands your rules it is time to reinforce good behavior. When ever you notice that your cat is passing up there normal biting opportunity moments give her a treat. But remember to not give your cat a treat after she has attempted to bite but recoiled, as this will result in you cat thinking that this is a bite for a treat game.
Tip 6
Test your cat and see if it is still tempted to bite you. Here how you do it: give your cat an opportunity to bite you and if she goes for it use your secret weapon and if she does not bite you give her a treat.

Need more detailed steps

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