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How to Train a Cat

Have you ever thought about training your cat? This will teach you how to train your cat. Cats can be taught to do tricks and give its paw for a reward. One thing to consider is that a cat can't be trained as a dog. If a cat don't enjoy it you will never be able to train it. Most important is to let the cat enjoy it and reward it. You have to let the cat be the master and trick it to do what you want.

A good place to start is to train your cat to follow the house rules. Train it to not scratch furniture can take a bit of patience. A cat scratches when it marks its territory. This is a cat's natural behavior but it can be discouraged. Buy a scratching post and try to redirect your cat's attention to it instead. Then you have to be firm but fair. Don't reprimand your cat for a thing one day and another you let it get away with it. Patience is important and when the cat scratch the post instead of your sofa, make sure to reward it.

Here are some things to remember when you try to get your cat to stop doing something.

1. Get a spray bottle filled with water. When the cat does something it shouldn't be doing spray at it. Don't spray the cat in the face.

2. The cat will run away. If he didn't see you he will think the behavior he did triggered the water and will learn not to do it.

3. Repeat it until the cat learns the behavior is wrong.

Now you know the basics of how to train a cat. You can now develop your own touch to this training. All cats are different and some things works better for some cats. Just never give up, you will need a lot patience to train a cat. Good luck and make sure to read my more advanced cat training guides.

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