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Training a Cat

Being the owner of a cat can be a very rewarding experience and many cat owners have great, loving relationships with their cats. Others don't have it so easy. Cats are independent and stubborn creatures and often aren't willing to comply with the rules of the house, and this can cause many problems between the cat and his owner. Training a cat doesn't have to be a difficult task and if successful, will give you the loving relationship you wish to have with your cat.

To train your cat successfully, there are several things to keep in mind to get optimal results. First, the earlier you can start training your cat the better. Kittens will pick up on the learned behaviors faster than adult cats, although training an adult cat is not impossible. Whether you're getting a kitten or an adult cat, the sooner you start training your cat, the better. Once you bring them home, start teaching them what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors aren't. When training a cat, always remember to use positive reinforcements for good behaviors, rather than punishing them for being naughty.

Whether you are training a cat to use the litter box, to not scratch the furniture, or to do tricks such as playing fetch, you must be consistent with the training techniques you choose. Whatever method you choose for training your cat, be sure to stick to it. If you are constantly changing your techniques or aren't consistent with the way you react or reward your cat for a specific behavior, your cat won't know what to expect from you. This will only confuse your cat and they probably won't behave the way you want them to.

While training your cat, it's important to remember that if your cat becomes bored, they are more likely to get into something they aren't supposed to be in. You should make sure you keep plenty of kitty toys around the house that they can easily access when they want to play. This will help to avoid them playing with the things around the house that you don't want them playing with, such as your pictures or plants.

Training a cat can be a difficult, but very rewarding experience. It will allow the cat and owner to bond and build a better, more loving relationship. When you don't have the stress and frustration of a misbehaving cat, you can focus more on loving them and giving them the affection they want, and in return they will also show you the affection you want from them.

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