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Information Regarding the American Shorthair Cat

A shorthaired felid, American Shorthair is one of the commonest house cats in United States. It traces its origin to British Shorthairs who were brought over on ships with European settlers owing to their good hunting skills. With time these adept hunters moved into cities and started being bred for their good looks, health and temperament. Initially they were known as Domestic Shorthairs. However, with time as issues of pedigree and pure breeding started taking ground, they were given the name of American Shorthair to distinguish them from non-pedigreed alley cats

Well built felines, American Shorthairs are muscular and strong. Males may weigh around fifteen pounds with females reaching ten pounds on average. It takes these robust cats nearly three to four years to reach their full size. Fur is short and glistening. They are recognized in over eighty colors and patterns. Perhaps the most well known is a dark tabby pattern on a silver coat.

Athletic and active, these pretty felines don't require extensive maintenance and grooming. They are quite healthy and free from any recurring genetic ailments. American Shorthairs are known for their longevity and normally live for fifteen to twenty years. All they need is good food, love and periodic medical assessment.

Playful and adoring cats, American Shorthairs are ideally suited to a large variety of households. They are quiet and not overly demanding. They go along very well with all the family members including children. Tolerant of other pets, they have a loving personality and good temperament. No significant persisting health conditions run in their lines. Establishing and maintaining good relations with everybody from the start, these easy going cats soon make themselves a part of the family. Owing to their many wonderful attributes, these pretty cats are greatly admired by proud pet owners across United States.

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