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Information Regarding the Australian Mist Cat

A new shorthair feline breed, Australian Mist was developed in Australia in nineteen seventies from three different cat breeds, namely Abyssinian, Burmese and Domestic Shorthair. As a result the Australian Mist shares its physical and behavioral features with all these three felines. It is said to have inherited its intelligence, ticking of coat and certain colors from the Abyssinian. Burmese gave rise to the cat's placid personality, dilute colors and some patterns. And finally the Domestic Shorthair contributed to the robustness and pretty spots of the modern Australian Mist.

Medium sized felines, Australian Mists have a balanced physical makeup. Head is round with big bright green eyes and largish ears. Chin, whiskerpads and nose are wide, giving rise to a beautiful expressive face. Tail is well plumed. Coat is short and dense and was previously accepted only in a spotted pattern, leading to the earlier name of 'Spotted Mist'. Thereafter cats with a marbled pattern were also recognized, and the nomenclature thus revised. Recognized colors are blue, brown, chocolate, gold, lilac and peach that occur in delicate patterns of spots and swirls on a 'misty' background.

Australian Mists were developed to create perfect pets with a very affectionate temperament. Their breeding has been quite successful to this end. Another goal was to produce cats that would not have an adverse influence on their native ecosystem through hunting. It is unclear at the moment if this goal has been met.

Overly adoring and sweet cats, the Australian Mists are much loved in the continent of Australia though they are not found in all territories currently. Their relative recency in origin means that they are not quite widespread as pets in Europe and United States at the moment. In their native areas, they are known to be predominantly indoor pets. They are completely people oriented and love their humans a lot. They are tolerant of other pets and get along well with all members of the family including children.

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