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Is Your Cat Ruining Your Furniture Scratching?

Scratching Solutions

My wife used to think she could train our kitty not to claw. LOL! It is a part of a cats nature and you cannot take it out anymore than you can remove its heart. Have you ever watched a new born kitten nursing on its mother and pressing against her body and extending and withdrawing its claws? It starts really early and if those poor mothers have to learn to deal with it ... surely us wise humans can.

Smart and caring cat owners know that claws are very important to cats. Claws give the cat a sense of security, knowing that their defense system is intact. They also allow the cat to grasp and hold objects as well as establish footing for walking, running, springing, climbing and stretching. How sad to think of a cat who has had its claws, such an important part of who it is, removed because we humans couldn't figure out how to deal with this natural phenomenon.

SmartCat scratching products are designed to maximize your cat's scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise, and a playful warm-up. By regularly trimming your cat's nails and offering a suitable scratching item, you are providing a natural outlet for a normal, happy and healthy behavior and you will be rewarded with a satisfied and confident companion.

Once we realized all of this, the solution was simple ... provide our pet a scratching post that was far more attractive than the living room couch.

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I have been blessed to find a way to secure my family's financial future and hope that you purchase with confidence on any of my Sites. It is my desire to provide you excellent products at affordable prices.

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