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Living With The Cat - Chapter 2

When your little cat ended up the morning meal, just have a little patience, because in the next few minutes it will be looking around for the right place to do its necessities. Show him the pet-toilet; help him to climb into it. If necessary give him an idea, moving his foreleg back and forth in the cat sand. He will like it and he will repeat it. After some seconds he or she will feel the urgent desire to sit down and have a pee or more. If everything works right, the animal should cover his "things" with sand afterwards. Give him a nice word and some caressing; take it out of the toilet. If you repeat this two or three times the animal will remember it for the rest of its life and you have one problem less. From now on you little cat knows the basic behavior inside of your house.

To educate a cat is a little different to dog training. The little slap - used in dog-education doesn't work with cats. The little cat will not learn anything this way. All the opposite, it will remember and give it back to you, thinking that it were part of normal conversation. As we all know, most cats don't like water, this is your big chance of educating them. What I did, I bought a water pistol and when ever my little living-room tiger did something forbidden, like springing o the table, he got a shot with the water pistol and my command "Don't". After trying two or three more times and being shot with the water pistol my tiger gave up. He remembered the punishment and never again tried to jump on my living-room table.

Young cats like to play, they almost play with everything they can reach. So are better beware of where you put your things on the floor. What I did, I bought him a lot of toys to play with.
Because the get bored very easy, I bought him every now and then different things to play with. If you don`t have to much money, even a simple paper-ball will do. Don't leave the cat alone playing in your living-room. Take some minutes time and play with it. you will learn much about cats, when you start to play with them. See their reactions, the way, they take things with their claws. Observe also, when they start to get tired.

Cats normally sleep up to 18 hours of a normal day. They get tired very quick. The better the food, the richer in proteins, the more active are they. But you will never see a cat sleeping less than 12 hours a day.

Regine Hehn is a cats enthusiast and practitioner. She owns and maintains Cat Talk.

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