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Living With The Cat

There are very different ways to get your living-room-tiger. Perhaps you heard the miaou of a little baby cat at your garden door and just opened it. From now on you will have a new housemate!

Or perhaps you did inform yourself on one of these cat exhibitions, felt in love with a Persian cat or an Egyptian cat. Perhaps you visited friends, where a little tiger jumped on you lap
Of course there is also another possibility, the neighbors dog's constant barking made you lose control and you shouted "In my home there will never be a dog!" Cats hear this, believe me!
Perhaps you are only one step away from buying a pet because your little son or daughter have been working on you for a while. It is also possible, that you are feeling lonely in your new flat. There are thousands of ways to Rome and you have decided to buy a cat.

Many people read books about cats, pets, how to treat them, because they want to avoid mistakes with the new housemate. These books have titles like "The cat and I" or "The new pet" and they all tell you almost the same. If you don't have any experience with cats, it makes sense to spend four Dollars and buy one of these books.

It doesn't make any difference, if you buy a pedigree cat or you found your new friend somewhere on the street, where they use to show up every now and then.

They all need some treatment and attention, need to be feed twice a day and if ever possible, at least once a year they should see the vet.

Now when the little cat is ready to start his life in your home, you should need to do some preparation to make the cat feel at home and to make you stay feeling at home. A side of a fix place to feed the cat - perhaps in the kitchen - it also needs its pet-toilet. If your little cat had had the chance to stay at least twelve weeks with his mother, he should have learned already how to use it. If no so, you will have to give your cat the first little lesson. But stay calm, it is no big deal to make your cat get used to the pet-toilet and he will never forget and he will also like to use it. At this point let me say something very important, the cat will have to have access to the pet-toilet at any time he needs to use it, so please don't look it away over the day. Keep the access clear and don't change the place without showing it to the cat. That avoids little accidents; the cat could feel a shame for.

You do not need to spend much money on a luxury pet-toilet, at the beginning a big plastic bowl will do. Buy some white cat sand at the supermarket, put everything in its place and wait until ten minutes after feeding your cat. Then it should start to look for a 'useful' place. Take it and set it into the pet-toilet. Show your cat, how to play with the sand. The rest is nature.

Regine Hehn is a cats enthusiast and practitioner. She owns and maintains Cat Care Information.

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