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Natural Cat Treats - Safe and Delicious

Have you ever thought about giving your feline friend natural cat treats for a healthier option?

Has your feline friend trained you to give him a treat whenever he flicks his tail or gives you a demanding meow?

If this is the case with you and your cat, then beware, as unfortunately many kitty treats that are currently available in pet supply stores contain vast amounts of sugar and fat. These can of course, lead to an overweight cat.

Opting to give your cat nutritionally complete and balanced treats will add a variety to your cat's diet without resulting in weight gain.

Snack time does not mean sugar time, so it is a good idea to read all labels that are placed on any of the cat treats that you consider purchasing. It is always better to avoid a product that has sugar listed high on the list on ingredients. It is better to opt for low fat, high-fiber varieties.

Your cat can be given certain table scraps provided that they are given in moderation. However, be aware, as there are some human foods that are simply not suitable for cats. You may find that certain table scraps are healthier for your cat than some store-bought treats.

In order to avoid stomach upset, it is important to limit the selection to foods such as small bits of string cheese, rice, well-cooked hamburger and skinned chicken. Avoid giving your cat spicy foods and fatty meats, and certainly do not give your cat bones. Under no circumstances should you ever give your cat chocolate and onions, as these are extremely toxic to cats.

For those cats that are overweight, it is better to offer them fresh fruits and vegetables. You can attempt to give your cat sticks of carrot, apples and cooked green beans. You may find that they like it, or they may prefer something different. There are those felines that enjoy fresh melon, corn, and cooked broccoli. Try these foods out on your cat and see if they fall into the same category.

Some cats are also known to occasionally enjoy munching on grass. However, ensure that you avoid using fertilizers and chemicals on your grass, if this is the case with your feline friend.

Therefore, in conclusion, allow your cat to enjoy healthy natural cat treats that have been made by your own hands rather than the high sugared and high fat cat treats that can be purchased in pet supply stores.

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