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New Kitten Who Has Been Sneezing

It's a good idea to check the litter you use, also.

Some litters (particularly the clay type) throw up a lot of dust when kitty scratches in the box, and can exacerbate allergy problems in both cats and humans.

Any excess mucous, secretions, tears, or matter should be routinely cleaned from these areas.

Most pets will collect a small amount of eye secretion or debris at the inside eye lid corners, just like we do. However, be sure NOT to mistake an eye infection or other problem for "normal" secretions.

If your pet has any eye redness, swelling, pain, excess discharge, loss of vision, changes from normal eye ball appearance, excess blinking or pawing at the eyes, he or she may have an infection or problem. If you have any concerns about your pet's eyes, see your veterinarian immediately.

To clean normal tears or debris from the eyelids, use a moistened, soft, clean cloth, cotton ball, or tissue to gently wipe any secretions away. Avoid rubbing or touching the eye ball, as this can cause injury to delicate eye structures. If a large amount of debris has built up, you may need to soak the area with your moist cloth to soften the secretions before removal. Some pets may need this cleaning repeated daily. Some breeds with long facial hair will greatly benefit from careful trimming or grooming to keep hair out of the eyes.

If you choose to trim this hair yourself, use care to avoid injury to the eye or eye lids. Consider using a professional groomer as well.

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