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Cats On Catnip - The Secret Weapon Against Cat Scratching

Almost anyone who currently or at one point in their lives, ever owned a cat, has heard of catnip. This seemingly uninteresting dried plant, holds a miraculous level of fascination and wonder for the cat world.

Catnip is derived from a family of plants called nepata and grows in several parts of the world including Europe, Asia and Africa. There are reputed to be several hundred species of this type of plant and their effects on cats is undeniable. Although, not all cats a susceptible to cat nip, a large number of them indeed are.

The effects of cats on catnip can often be viewed as hilarious by their owners. Cats will often roll around the floor or similar surface, in a fit of heightened frenzy. Pawing the area that has been in contact with the catnip. Sometimes making peculiar noises. The effects will wear off after a while and the cat will appear to become bored but after half an hour of so, you can sprinkle more cat magic on the floor and watch all over again for another insane kitty cat sideshow.

You may be wondering what this has got to do with anything? Well, since you ask, catnip is like a homing beacon to cats. For any of you out there who are having serious trouble with your pet cat scratching your house to pieces. Simply put some of the catnip in a rugged cloth pillow of even better, put some catnip on a scratching post and watch mr frisky transfer his angst onto something less expensive than your brand new three piece couch.

In time a new associated habit will form and you cat, with a little help from certain catnip administrations, will hopefully go for the post more than he or she goes for your leg of armchair.

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