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The Aegean Cat

Aegean is a natural breed of cats. It is the only feline breed native to Greece. It is said to have originated from Greek Cycladic Islands located in the Aegean Sea. Formal development was initiated in the last decade of twentieth century by Cat Fancy breeders of Greece. As such it is one of the newer cat breeds and often mistakenly thought by some to be somewhat rare, even as the Aegean Cat itself is widespread throughout Greece.

Aegean Cat is a medium sized feline with a predominantly white coat. There are other colors too including red, blue, cream and black, though a third to two thirds of the fur is white. Overall appearance is bi-colored or tri-colored. Though less profuse than those of Turkish Angora, hair are longish that protect it against cold winter, with a ruff around neck. There are no down hair. Built is athletic and muscular and the cat is known to be a good mouse hunter, a source of its admiration, particularly in rural areas. Body and tail are long. Head is broad and ears are widely set on the skull. Eyes are oriental in their shape with a color often in shades of green. Legs are strong and paws rounded.

In its natural environment, the Aegean is an independent yet friendly feline. It often lives in small groups and is very fond of fish, its chief food item. The cute cat is often seen sitting at beach, waiting patiently for fishermen as they bring back their daily catch in the evening. The cat is well liked in its native lands.

Apart from its beauty, the Aegean Cat is a very admirable animal. It makes a good pet and is quite comfortable residing in apartments. The cat is intelligent, active and good natured. Also it is considered to be a social, lively and communicative feline. It is placed as a breed in the Semi-longhaired, light European/Continental type.

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