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The Mystery Behind Cat Training

Cat training in 10 minutes...sounds is everyone's dream yet it seems to be no one's reality. This is because cat training in ten minutes just doesn't exist. A cat like a human requires consistency, patience, and rehearsal to fully grasp the concepts behind necessary training.

The behaviors of cats can be fun and playful, but at the same time-destructive and menacing. Unwanted scratches in the furniture, broken ornaments, ruined stockings...we all know the drill.

The mystery reason behind why cats misbehave is the key to knowing how to stop it. So do you know the answer to the mystery?

While cat training in ten minutes or even twenty minutes may not exist, these tips will put you one step closer to your training dream.

It is a well known fact that cats find trouble when they are bored. Sometimes they're just looking for attention and other times they're looking for something to spend their time with. your job is to make sure that their curiosity needs are met.

The solution to this pesky problem is by giving your cat the behavior he desires. By spending more time with your cat, he will be less likely to destroy the house. It is important that you don't spend time with your cat immediately following bad behavior because this will lead to an association between bad behavior and more attention. This association will in turn only lead to more bad behavior.

Secondly, cats are naturally nocturnal.

This means they are most comfortable being active at nighttime. Activities are more exciting by the light of the moon, but at the same time he can find more trouble when he is not under your watchful eye.

The way to fix this is simple. By giving your cat activities during the day, his exhaustion will kick in right as the sun will be going down so he will not be in the mood for any troublesome games. These activities could include so good "one-on-one" time. Playing with a mouse toy or a ball or yarn are great ways to tire him out because those involve physical activity. Also, just doing your own activities during the day that spark his interest will keep him from sleeping the days away. He won't want to miss out on whatever you are doing!

These simple tricks of outsmarting your kitty are great ways to train them. Again, this isn't "cat training in 10 minutes", but in the long run it will be more efficient and productive. These training tips for good cat care will ensure happy and peaceful life between you and your feline friend.

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