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Cat Training - The Truth Revealed

Cat training is such an important part of daily cat life. Good training promotes good behavior which in turn results in a well-mannered cat. However, the truth is this. Cat training in ten minutes...sound good? But hold on, here's the truth. Cat training in ten minutes does not exist. The main reason why cat training is effective is because it utilizes two main components: consistency and patience. Without either of these parts, any cat training will be destined to fail and you will be one frustrated owner.

The third step to proper cat care and training is that you need to understand feline behavior. You must know why cats do certain things. When you understand why cats do certain behaviors you can learn how to stop it.

Now this may not be "Cat training in 10 minutes" but it will be effective. So take a deep breath and be willing to commit to training your cat.

Cats are known to misbehave when they're sexually driven. Shocking, I know, but true!

Mating is typically an excuse for a rowdy cat. For a cat in their homes when sexually driven, they are known to go especially wild! So watch out...and be prepared for a bit of chaos.

Special surgeries can be done to avoid that emotional change and misbehavior caused by sexual drives. Also, your cat is welcome to be spayed or neutered. This will also cease the urges.

Another important part of a cat's behavior is that they typically misinterpret an owner's reaction to its misbehavior.

When a pet misbehaves it is typical for an owner to get mad. The miscommunication comes when the cat does not understand that the owner is mad. An owner reprimanding a cat can easily be confused as wanting to play a game.

This can be avoided by owners being clear in reactions. After a pet misbehaves, the owner needs to be firm and give eye contact. Your cat needs to know that punishment is not a game.

Also, you need to know that cats seek rewards and try to avoid punishment. Giving too much attention to the cat when it misbehaves will not punish him. He will most likely like the added attention.

The clear cut and firm association between punishment and misbehaving will teach your cat what is "against the rules".

Next, it is important to know that cats like to play with certain things in the house. These things are typical for cats to enjoy; curtains, pillows, fuzzy rugs.

Luckily for you cats hate certain smells. Spraying the anti-cat sprays on the things which you do not want them laying on, playing with or even rubbing all over is a very effective way to keep your dominance.

In the end, understanding the reasons why cats do what they do you will be more likely to find working solutions. And finding working solutions will put you one step closer to that dream of "cat training in 10 minutes"! Just remember these tips...consistency and patience will help you to get to the desired behavior that you long to see.

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