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Tips How To Train Your Cat

When it comes to learning how to train your cat, there is one simple thing you need to understand. The thing you need to know is the main keys of cat behavior. Cats have very different behaviors than dogs or any other animal. Forcing a training tactic or trick on your cat won't work.

There are some simple rules that you really need to follow when you train your cat. One is that you should train your cat at a proper time. Don't wake your cat up for training. It most likely won't listen to you. Also, be sure to train your cat using short sessions for training. Don't train too long as your cat will get bored and tired. And lastly, be sure to use a positive reward such as a toy, food, or petting when your cat obeys you.

In order to train your cat you first need to learn and understand your cats personality. Every cat is different and knowing the type of personality your cat has will greatly make training much easier. Find out what your cat likes and doesn't like and then use that to your advantage. When you give your cat rewards and treats, be sure it is only when the cat is being trained. If your cat can have easy access to the reward, it won't respond as well to tricks or orders for that treat.

For example, if you want to teach your cat to jump onto your shoulder you have to start small. First, get close to the cat and then put some of a treat on your shoulder. The cat probably will probably reach for the treat on your shoulder. This is the first step. After this, try to get the cat to reach even farther towards your shoulder. The last step is having the cat jump onto the shoulder.

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