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Training Your Stubborn Cat

In the wild, most cats are shown as solitary creatures and very territorial. They are also shown as stubborn and arrogant. Cats are typically very proud animals and don't like to listen to others.

Even though most cats aren't all like this, most of the time cats are. When compared to dogs, cats are shown as disobedient and less eager to please owners. This is why it is critically important to start training your cat at the get go so it doesn't start getting comfortable doing bad behaviors.

You need to start training your cat as soon as you get it and establish the role of your cat and the family members of the house. Show the cat that you are the master. When you train your cat right, you can have very good relationships between your cat.

Not training your cat properly is just like not raising a kid properly. It will end up growing up and being a big problem and trouble maker. A cat that understands your orders and knows how to follow orders will be great.

The step you must do before training your cat is understand the cats instinctual behaviors. Cats, like all other animals, have instincts they are born with and we as pet owners must respect these. Some cats may feel stressed or sad and you must accept this and not take it as a cat being stubborn. Screaming and scolding your cat makes it even harder to train your cat to do what you want and lessens the trust your cat will have for you.

Kasia has a Free Cat Training Tips [] Report that shows you how to get your cat to do what you want when you want.

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