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Your Cat on A Leash

The majority of people who have ever owned a cat would probably get a hearty chuckle out of the idea of putting a leash on a cat and taking it for a walk. Cats are so incredibly independent that it's hard to imagine the thought of tying a cat to anything and trying to instruct it where to go.

Despite the independent nature of the cat, many cat guardians have successfully taught their kitties to walk outdoors. While it is a natural thing to take a dog for a walk, it really can become a natural thing for a cat as well.

Teaching a cat to wear a leash is not an easy task. Your cat has to have the right personality for something like this, and as an owner you need to have an immense amount of patience.

The first few times you take your cat outside on a leash will probably result in a freaked out cat, especially if your cat has always been an indoor cat and has never really ventured outside.

All the new sights, sounds, and smells are bound to be quite overwhelming to your cat, and this is where your immense patience has to come in.

When looking to buy a leash, the best options for a cat is a harness, or even better, more safe, and much more acceptable by cats, is a walking jacket. The harness or walking jacket will give kitty more comfort, and you more control.

You might want to practice on the lead at home a few times, although most cats will not like this at all. Don't let this deter you from trying it outside, because for some cats the fact that they are outside is enough to make them tolerate the leash or lead. The cat might get so wrapped up in exploring the great outdoors that it doesn't really notice the lead very much anymore, and this is the ideal situation.

You need to be persistent when trying to get your cat to accept the leash or lead. It should become obvious to you after a few tries whether your cat is going to ever develop an acceptance of the lead. If your cat is just as agitated and upset about the fourth or fifth venture outdoors with the lead as it was the first try, then it may just not be in the cards for your cat to ever accept this situation.

You can keep trying, but there are just some cats who won't adjust to something like this. If, on the other hand, you notice that your cat seems just a little more at ease every time you go out with the leash or lead, then keep trying.

However, before long you may be surprised at your cat. She may begin to see her safe outside excursions as a highlight of her day. Something fun, interesting and stimulating to break up the monotony of being inside.

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