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Do You Love Your Cat & Can Cats Be Better Than Men - An Opinion

Whether or not cats are better companions than men comes down to a matter of opinion. Some women probably think they are. And some men probably think so too! Let's take a closer look at the decades-old, question, Are cats better companions than men? Then you decide the answer.

Like men, cats are instinctively hunters. But unlike men who prefer buying groceries or dining in restaurants, cats are different. The cat will bring home dead birds, mice and other critters to share. And it will not care whether its recent kill is deboned and properly packaged!

A cat might be a better listener than a man. So in this case, cats probably are better companions than men. Start talking to your cat and watch its ears perk right up. Keep talking and you will soon see the cat coming closer, as if it truly is interested in hearing what you have to say. Either way it is going to be a one-sided conversation so you decide which makes the better companion, cats or men.

Cats pay more attention to their hygiene than some men. No cat would ever start the day without going through its cleaning routine first. But that is not the case with all men. When it comes to daily cat care vs. man care, and which smells better, the cat might have the advantage.

When it comes to affection, cats are full of it. They enjoy getting affection and giving it. Call a cat and watch how quickly it nestles up on your neck or chest or wherever you allow it to roam. But chances are a cat will not keep you quite as warm at night as a man can.

So there you have it. Now you decide. Are cats better companions than men? Iím curious to know what you think!

Rob Metras is he author of the weblog He currently lives with three wonderful cats who share abode with two delightful women.

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