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How To Stop My Cat From Biting Me

So you're wondering how to stop your cat from biting? Right? Then you are in the right place, there are so many people asking there selves "how do I get my cat to stop biting," and most of them never find out how to solve this cat biting nightmare. Here are some simple tips for you to go home and try.

Cats bite, that's the normal thing all animals do, but when they draw flesh then it's a real problem for you and your family.

Tip 1

This is a real great tip and it works for any cat problem you can dream of. When your cat bites you cry out "ouch" or "stop" and firmly press on your cat's nose and say "no" with a firm voice. What this does is let your cat know that this behavior is not acceptable and that you will not tolerate this behavior.

Tip 2

Use a water filled spray bottle. Your probably saying to your self that there's no way a spray bottle is going to stop my cat from biting me. Well sorry to inform you but your wrong. What this does is surprises your cat and not one cat on this planet likes to be surprise. So surprise your cat with a spray of water and you will be surprised yourself on how good this works.

Tip 3

Try getting a toy like a clean peacock feather or a fishing pole-type toy that keeps hands away from the attack zone! Laser lights are popular, but make extra sure that you don't let the cat look at the source, which could actually damage the eyes. This will distract your cat and keep it busy from biting you.

Tip 4

Don't ever hit your cat! it will do nothing but make your cat fear you, and you will never have a good relationship with your cat if you decide to hit it.

No more cat biting

Stop your cat from biting now, if you don't want any more bruises on your body then click here to learn how to stop your cat from biting.

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