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Tips On How To Toilet Train Your Cat

Potty training a cat is becoming an increasingly popular way to get rid of cat litter instead of merely using a cat litter box. Compared to the latter, it offers convenience to the owner because, unlike when using a cat litter box, the owner will no longer have to clean up the litter after use, and it is much cheaper because he does not have to buy cat litter boxes that only serve as a temporary place for cat litter anyway.

So how exactly do you potty train your cat? Here are some tips to help you.

First off, teaching your cat to use the human toilet is not going to happen overnight. It will take weeks before a cat could adjust to her new environment and her new habits you taught her. Therefore, you need to be very patient in teaching her a new habit, which is to use the toilet.

Now that's said, let's start off by getting your cat to get used to her new environment by putting the cat litter box closer to the toilet. Then gradually raise the litter box higher next to the toilet every day with something like a pile of papers or books, or anything else that could raise it, until it is exactly at the level of the toilet. Remember that as you do this, you need to secure the place of the cat litter with a tape or else it will be knocked over by the cat when she uses the cat litter box.

When the litter box is as high as the toilet seat, it is time to get your cat to get over to the toilet.

Begin by placing a litter pan or box on top of the toilet.

When you see your cat is already comfortable with that habit, you can now remove that pan and your cat will get used to that habit from now on.

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