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Why You Should Toilet Train Your Cat

Back in the days cat owners used to use cat litter boxes as way for their cats to get rid of their stool.

Now, more and more cat owners are beginning to realize that there is a better way for their cats to do their business, and that is by using the human toilet.

Why is it a much better option, you ask? It is a cheaper and wiser decision, for a lot of reasons.

One is because cat owners will no longer need to clean up the cat litter box after use, if their cat knows how to use the toilet. Cat litter boxes are only a temporary relief for the owners, they know they still need to clean them up with soap and water. Now if you are too lazy to clean up the litter box regularly, your cat will no longer use the litter box because it's not anymore clean. Cats are actually clean animals, that's why they need litter boxes to relieve themselves, unlike other pets. So if you don't clean their litter box, your cat might relieve itself somewhere else.

A toilet-trained cat will help you save money on cat litter boxes. Because you don't need them anymore, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on them every year, and for years to come if your cat lives too long. Imagine if you have more than one cat. That will save you thousands.

Third, and most important of all, a toilet-trained cat means a cleaner and safer home because if you don't need a cat litter box for your cat, not only will you save on these litter boxes, but your children and other pets will not be exposed to the bacteria that are pooled in the box for a long time, and your cats will no longer track these litters around the house.

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